Space Heater Fire Lawyers

Space Heater Fire Lawyers

space heater fire lawyers

Have you or a loved one been injured by a space heater burn or fire accident in the home, office, workspace or on the property of another? If so you may be entitled to benefits and compensation as space heaters are a leading cause of serious burns, destructive fires and wrongful death. This is especially true during the winter months. To discuss your potential claim, and any benefits and forms of compensation you may qualify for, please contact our space heater fire lawyers today. You can also visit @bestburninjurylawyers to arrange a complimentary and in depth case analysis.

Space Heater Recalls

Each year it seems there are thousands of space heaters recalled due to fire, burn or electrical issues. To keep apprised of all space heater recalls please @spaceheaterrecalls regarding what to do if your brand of space heater, portable or gas heater has been recalled. The most recent recall was from October 2022 and it revolves around Mighty Bliss heating pads being recalled.

Why Use Portable Heaters

Space heaters are small, self-contained portable devices that are used for heating a small area such as a room or workspace. They are usually electric, since using gas or other types of heating can be dangerous in a small place. They are typically for personal use, in contrast with larger central heating systems found in some buildings. Space heaters can sometimes be mounted on a wall, but they are usually placed on a floor or a table. Some places such as libraries or school rooms ban the use of space heaters due to the potential dangers they might cause.

Why Are Space Heaters Dangerous?

There are 3 primary dangers in space heater and portable heater lawsuits:

  • Fires. Space and portable heaters can sometimes cause fires and fire injuries, especially if the area is very small or if there are flammable materials nearby. Faulty or damages heaters can be subject to igniting.
  • Burns. Some space heaters have surfaces that can get very hot. These can cause burn injuries to the skin, muscle tissue and the nervous system.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (aka CO poisoning). Gas and fuel powered space heaters can emit carbon monoxide (CO) in the process. These should not be used without proper ventilation and in larger rooms or areas

Space heaters are generally safe when used properly. However, the chance of a fire, property damage, or injury increases when the product is used incorrectly or when the product is broken in some way.

Damages If You Have Been Injured by a Space Heater

Injuries and property damage caused by space heater mishaps can sometimes be very serious. In many cases, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit in order to obtain a damages award to cover losses. Liable parties may include:

  • The manufacturer or distributor (products liability lawsuit)
  • A landlord or overseer of a building
  • Employers who expose workers to dangerous space heaters
  • Other persons who have acted negligently in using the space heater

In fire and space heater injury cases your financial compensation award often cover expenses like medical costs, repair of property damage, loss of wages caused by injury, and court fees.

Contact Our Space Heater Fire lawyers

As with any injury caused by the negligence of another or their product space heater injuries can be complex and difficult to deal with. There are often multiple liable parties parties involved, and the legal concepts mandate your claim be handled by a skilled fire accident lawyer. It’s in your best interests to hire an personal injury attorney if you need assistance with filing a lawsuit for your claim. Please click here to be put in direct contact with our team of space heater fire lawyers serving the entire country including Puerto Rico.