Restaurant Burns

Restaurant Burns

restaurant burns

People who work in the service industry and food service industry can be hurt just like those who work in other areas. It is not just construction sites and manufacturing plants where work injuries occur. The type of work you do in the service industry may dictate what type of accident you may be involved in. If you are a food service worker and have been hurt or injured while working please contact our injury attorneys handling restaurant burns.

Please feel free to contact our restaurant accident lawyers via email here. Let them explain your rights to you and fight to protect them. Fighting on your behalf will be their number one priority. Handling restaurant burns nationwide.

Service Industry Workers Who Can Be Injured

The term service industry is an umbrella term encompassing numerous
different jobs and professions such as:

Waiters And Waitresses
Janitors And Groundskeepers
Cleaning Staff And Maids
Commercial Drivers
Hotel Staff

Having our food service injury attorneys evaluate your case will be
of great benefit to you. Per state laws you may be entitled to compensation and benefits for your injuries. If you work at the dining establishment you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. If you were a patron and suffered a burn you may have a premises liability claim. Some claims for restaurant burns may have a third party liability component whether you were working when you got burned or were a customer.

Depending on the nature and extent of your injuries you may be entitled
to multiple sources of compensation. Without the aid of our food service burn injury attorneys you may not get all benefits and
compensation you may be entitled to.

Smoke Inhalation Injury Claims

In the event there was a bad kitchen fire, or the entire restaurant burnt down, smoke inhalation is another type of burn injury that can happen in restaurants. Breathing in the smoke, fumes or fire particles can send victims into respiratory distress and ultimately respiratory failure. And you may have respiratory health issues long ofter you were exposed to the smoke. In addition to workers and diners possibly succumbing to smoke inhalation injuries first responders, such as firefighters, police, EMT’s and paramedics can also suffer injury due to smoke inhalation. Let our smoke inhalation injury attorneys help you.

Contact Our Injury Attorneys Handling Restaurant Burns

Speaking with and retaining our premises liability attorneys following your work related accident is a wise move on your part. Our workplace burn accident lawyers will work relentlessly to make sure that your legal rights are protected. They will also get you the full, fair and just compensation for your injuries, medical bills and lost wages FROM ALL liable parties.

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