PAM Cooking Spray Lawsuits

PAM Cooking Spray Lawsuits

pam cooking spray lawsuits

PAM cooking spray, made by Conagra Brands, is by far the dominant brand of cooking spray on the market today. It is ubiquitous and has more brand equity (brand name recognition) than all other cooking sprays in the United States as well as other neighboring countries. With the stranglehold they have on the market it makes sense that they would not only want to increase marketshare but also cut production costs. This does not always work out for the consumer for various reason as cutting manufacturing costs can also lead to a subpar product. PAM cooking spray cans, whether used at home or in restaurants, have the capacity to explode causing serious and life altering injury like burns, scarring, disfigurement, blindness in addition to catastrophic property damage. If you, a loved one or employee in restaurant cases have been burned or otherwise injured due to a cooking spray may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering and diminished quality of life. Please contact our nationwide team of burn injury attorneys handling PAM cooking spray lawsuits.

PAM Cooking Spray Lawsuits

As of July 2022 PAM cooking spray lawsuits are filed in Illinois state court, Cook County (Chicago to be exact). Chicago’s Conagra Brands are named in the lawsuits and have been sued well over 30 times recently with more than 100 more pending. To a lesser extent other food companies, wholesale companies (Sam’s Club for example) and or retailers have also had cooking spray claims brought against them.

In addition, DS Containers, also based in Illinois, manufacture the cans for the sprays. They are also named in several lawsuits for manufacturing the defective aerosol cans. No matter what brand of cooking spray injured you and your family you may be eligible to seek legal recourse by filing a burn injury lawsuit via our explosion accident attorneys.

PAM Aerosol Can Explosion Injuries

Victims of these explosions maintain that the fires are due to aerosol spray cans that contain over ten ounces of cooking oil. Conagra began selling these in 2011. The cans are designed with a venting mechanism that serves to release excess pressure, which can come from being shaken up or subjected to higher temperatures. Attorneys for the victims say that these vents, visible as U-shaped marks on the bottom of the can, have the unintended side effect of spontaneously releasing its highly combustible and flammable contents.

The PAM sprays aerosols also catalysts/contain propellants including propane and butane. They create the projectile, sprayable quality. Spokespeople for Conagra have yet to confirm exactly what ingredients are in the cooking spray as of July 2022.

As with many burn injuries the damage caused are severe and life altering. Injury victim Edward Oliver was burned and seriously injured in his home while cooking with Member’s Mark (a Sam’s Club brand spray). His injuries were so catastrophic that he was placed into a medically induced coma at a burn center in Texas.

Another burn injury victim named Larry Mulanax suffered a similar fate while cooking with PAM at his home in Missouri. Mr. Mulanax suffered scarring on his arms, hands, and face, and most of his hair was completely burned off.

Chef Brandon Cox was working in a restaurant kitchen in South Carolina when a spray can exploded and started a fire. He was severely burned, according to his attorneys.  A similar incident occurred in Texas, where twins working in a restaurant were both hospitalized. Both say they have scars and swelling on their arms, hands, and neck, and one received skin grafts.

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