Nursing Home Burns

Nursing Home Burns

nursing home burns

Nursing homes residents as well as those living in assisted living facilities depend on the facility staff to assist them with many day to day activities, such as moving around the facility, assisting them at meal times, and bathroom and personal hygiene needs. It is an unfortunate fact, however, that many nursing homes are woefully understaffed, and in these situations even the best nursing home employees will have trouble providing the proper levels of attention to every resident under their care. In nursing homes that allow their staff to be stretched so thin the staff members are not capable of doing their jobs as they should, and consequently the possibility that residents will have accidents and be injured increases greatly. One common, and very dangerous injury type, are nursing home burns. These can occur while bathing, eating, drinking, etc. Even though most are accidental they can result in very serious and life altering threatening injuries for the victim. Please contact our elder law attorneys handling nursing home burns across the country.

In situations such as these, burn injuries due to the negligence of the nursing home are not uncommon, and some of the more frequent examples involve things like:

  • Residents burned in scalding bath water or showers.
  • Residents burned by hot water spills.
  • Residents burned by excessively hot food or drinks.
  • Residents burned while smoking without necessary supervision.
  • Residents burned in fires at nursing facilities.

If a resident in a nursing home is hurt by a serious or fatal burn injury because of nursing home abuse or negligence, the resident and their family have the right to seek to hold the facility and its staff accountable for their wrongs. Nursing home lawsuits don’t just help victims of abuse and neglect recover compensation for their damages, but also act to send a message to nursing home and extended care facilities that the law will protect seniors, and see to it that abuse and neglect will be punished.

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