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Burns in Georgia are not the most common type of injury sustained in an accident but they can be excruciatingly painful for the burn victim. They have the capacity to induce severe physical, emotional & mental trauma depending on how badly you were burned as well as what caused the burn. The deeper the burn the longer and more extensive the treatment plan and recuperation period. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury you need the help of our experienced Georgia burn injury lawyers. Please click here to speak with our skilled fire accident attorneys serving all of GA. You can also visit @burninjurylawyers for a free case analysis.

Burn Types & Degrees

Burns are measured in terms of degrees which refers to the depth of the burn. They are:

  1. A first degree burn is superficial and rarely poses a health threat the the victim. First degree burns allow the skin to perform its functions such as regulating body temperature and preventing infection.
  2. Second degree burns are deeper and damage the 2nd layer of skin called the dermis. Often times they are also referred to as partial thickness burns. Loss of skin function is normally a result of 2nd degree burns. Blistering of the skin is common with 2nd degree burns. Second degree burns are among the most painful due to the layer of skin that falls away, exposing the raw nerve.
  3. Third degree burns, the deepest & most severe, destroy any sensation in the nerves so the burn victim may feel nothing at the burned area.

Causes Of Burn Injuries

Georgia burn injuries can be caused by a plethora of accidents such as:

– Injuries in the Workplace

– Industrial Accidents

– Auto Accidents

– Truck Accidents

Motorcycle accidents

– Explosion accidents

– Chemical spills

– Electrical accidents

Burn Types

Scalding injuries: this type of burn induced by extremely hot liquids such as water, oil, coffee and tea. Scalding injuries can happen anytime and anywhere such as in the workplace, restaurants and on private property. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to scald injuries due to the skin being thinner than on a young adult. Scalding injuries are common in restaurant accidents.

Thermal burns: these result from the skin, clothing or protective gear coming into contact with any surface, substance, liquid, steam or flame that is hotter than 115 degrees fahrenheit. A thermal burn is typically designated first degree burn, second degree burn or third degree burn. These types of burns are commonly seen in true electrical burns as when the current travels through the body it ignites and melts your clothing.

True Electrical Burns: Direct contact or exposure to the electric source with the current flowing from the source, through the body and to the ground will cause this type of burn. An entry wound and a much larger exit wound in the hallmark of a true electrical burn.

Arc Burns: These burns occur when a current jumps from its source, to the ground but passes through your body in between the two points. With an arc burn there are typically multiple points of entry.

Burns By Fire: In very severe accidents the victim can come into direct contact with fire. This can occur car accident explosions, other types of vehicle accidents and property explosions and fires.

Your Life After A Burn Injury

Recovery from burn injuries can be a very long and extremely painful process. Many times burn injury victims need surgical procedures such as skin grafts and or reconstructive surgery. The burn injury victim may also require long term physical rehabilitation as part of their recuperation due to nerve damage and diminished soft tissue functionality.

Massive medical bills, physical therapy bills and prescription costs are a direct result of serious burn injuries. Many burn victims may need to undergo emotional counseling as well to address any emotional scarring that may have occurred as a result of the burn injury. When you factor in extended amount of missed time at work while convalescing, and the subsequent lost wages, burns can cause as much financial strain as physical strain so having an Atlanta, GA burn injury lawyer on your side is very important.

There are many factors involved in a burn injury case. Our Mason Georgia burn injury lawyers we have the experience to understand, address & anticipate any medical, legal and financial issues that occur as a result of a burn injury. We will work tirelessly to obtain the financial compensation you and your family are entitled to.

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