Firefighter Injury

Firefighter Injury

Being a firefighter, or any type of first responder, is a very brave and courageous profession. It is also extremely danger with a rate of injury or accidental death higher than the national average. If you are a firefighter, male or female and paid or volunteer, you have rights if injured on the job. Please contact our nationwide network of attorneys handling firefighter injury claims across the country. They offer free case evaluations and charge no fees if they cannot obtain benefits for you and your family.

With offices across the nation they serve all states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Many of our first responder injury lawyers are also former insurance defense attorneys so they bring an additional level of expertise most other injury lawyers do not. They will put that experience to work for you and help you get the maximum compensation you are entitled to for your injuries, damages, economic and financial damages.

Liability In Firefighter Injury Cases

When a fireman or firewoman is hurt it is usually a serious injury. While burns are very common injuries they are not the only type of injury first responders suffer. Falls, smoke inhalation and injuries caused by lifting are also common and they can happen anywhere such as back at the station. The equipment worn by firefighters is heavy, constricts vision and range of motion which can lead to injuries. Our attorneys handle these case types in addition to burns.

Liability in these cases can fall on the fire department, government entity and also on third parties who are responsible for the proper functioning of the equipment. Being properly trained on using the equipment can also come into play in first responder accident cases.

Cancer & Firefighter Injury Claims

Occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals, carcinogens and other toxic substances is par for the course with firefighters. In the last year the firefighting foam, abbreviated FFF, has been determined to cause cancer in firefighters. Our catastrophic injury lawyers handle these claims as well. Liability in these cases differs from on the job injury cases. While the employer is at fault so is the FFF manufacturer as they failed to alert users to the hazards of using the foam. These cases are called defective product claims, product liability cases or mass tort lawsuits.

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