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If someone intentionally set their property, home or business on fire to get insurance money that is illegal and they will face arson charges. If their actions caused you harm, burns, or hurt or killed a loved one you may qualify them for benefits and financial compensation. Please contact our arson injury lawyers fighting on behalf of arson victims. They charge no fees if they do not win for you. Serving all of the United States, DC & PR.

Your Rights In An Arson Injury Lawsuit

By legal definition arson is the intentional burning of the dwelling of another. Many, if not all, states also include other places and things other than building in the scope of items that can be burned and constitute arson. Examples are such as cars, businesses, churches, and almost any other type of real property regardless of value. In any event, arson is usually considered a second degree felony and is very serious.
If you have been the victim of an arsonist, it is imperative to your claim that you speak with a burn injury attorney handling arson accident and injury claims. They understand the general concepts and legal considerations related to arson cases and there is no substitute for speaking to a qualified, experienced attorney. It behooves you and your family to contact our burn accident attorneys to answer your questions or to represent and protect your interests, particularly if you have been accused of a crime.

In order to be convicted of arson, a defendant traditionally must have actually caused some damage to a building or car using fire, however this tradition is changing in many jurisdictions. In these traditional jurisdictions, the damage does not have to be serious or extensive, but some┬ápart of the structure must have been charred by the flames. Further, damage that is the result of an explosion is also not enough to sustain an arson conviction. However, if the explosion causes a fire which, in turn, causes some damage to a dwelling, the requirement of a “burning” for arson purposes has been satisfied. And, of course, if the actions resulting in damage to the structure resulted from an explosion, the perpetrator is probably going to be charged with a more serious crime related to the explosion.

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