Acid Burns

Acid Burns

acid burns

Chemical burns are the same as acid burns. They can happen in the home, at work and in hospitals, industrial accidents and auto accidents. Products such as bleach, batteries and cleaners usually contain acid. If these products come into contact with your skin, or you breathe in their fumes, you can incur a very serious acid burn and or chemical burn. As acid burns are so painful with life changing complications you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. Please click here to let our burn injury lawyers review your case free of charge.

In addition to giving free case reviews our skin injury lawyers also charge no fees unless they win benefits and financial compensation for you and your family. Please email our award winning burn accident lawyers by clicking here.

Products Causing Chemical Burns & Acid Burns

Various irritants can cause acid burns which is another way of saying acid burn. Examples are pool cleaners, bleach, battery acid and ammonia. There are others but these are some of the more common ones. If you have suffered a chemical burn or an acid burn please contact our Pennsylvania skin injury attorneys by clicking here.

Liability In Burn Accident Lawsuits

Some chemical burns exert minimal damage if they can easily be rinsed off of the skin at the effected area. Others do not wash off so easily. Liability in these types of injury cases varies as each case is unique. Suffering a workplace burn injury your employer is usually the only liable party. In other work arenas there can be multiple party such as the product manufacturer. Construction accidents commonly have numerous liable parties for injury cases of all types. This is due to so many vendors, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors working so closely together.

For injuries occurring at home, school or while someone else’s property the responsible party is typically the person or entity who owns the premises where you were injured.

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